6 effective strategies for depression €“ IV



One has demonstrated that this type of €œtherapy€ is as effective as other forms of treatment for the slight depression to moderate.

The studies have demonstrated consistently that the physical activity can help to deal with the symptoms the depression and, on the other hand, that the low levels of activity are a great factor of risk for the depression.

The antidepressing effect of the exercise seems to become moderate partly through serotonin, the chemical substance of the brain that are directed with some antidepressants, and partly through neurotrophic factor derived from the brain. And this plays an important role in the generation of new cells in the seahorse, an area whose €œcontraction€ is tie to the depression.

Exercise as a strategy for the treatment of the depression

The regular exercise, as medecines, seems to cause that the brain is more plastic and more able to develop new cells.


Meditation and treatments based on the total attention

The investigation on the meditation and the practices based on the total attention for the depression has been fascinating to see 10 years in the last. As much the cerebral studies as the behavioural results (that is to say, to measure the symptoms of depression of a person before and after a course of meditation) have demonstrated that the meditation seems to have a measurable effect, and one that is comparable to some of other methods, that is to say, the medication.

The studies of cerebral images, have found that the training of the total attention reduces the activity in mPFC, mentioned previously, that is tie to negative thoughts, nomadic and based on preoccupations. Others are shortage that is related to changes in key the cerebral volume in areas, that know that the depression and the anxiety are affected by.

One suggests these cerebral changes are not only theoretical, but they are associate with measurable changes in mental health.


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