6 effective strategies for depression €“ III


Therapies in the short term

It has another therapies that has demonstrated to be effective to treat the depression, that definitively is worth the pain to consider, following their needs. For example,

  • The therapy of acceptance and commitment (ACT) sometimes is considered within the TCC, but it uses more elements of total attention to accept our present situations and to work thence.
  • The therapy centered in the emotion (EFT) comes from the attachment theory, except between adults, instead of between parents and children; Also it puts the emotions, instead of the cognition, to the vanguard.
  • The interpersonal psycotherapy (IPT) also comes partly from the attachment theory, but it considers that the €œinterpersonal anguish€ is the key factor for the psychological anguish of a person.
  • The therapy of behavioural activation for the depression, is another behaviouraler method, than it encourages to a person to think and to change the surroundings, the conditions and the experiences that can contribute to the depression instead of to alleviate it.

It has been demonstrated that all these strategies work in investigation studies, and can be effective following his needs, and this can determine it you and an experienced therapist.


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Following strategy: Exercise, Meditation and Treatments based on the total attention


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