6 effective strategies for the depression

The depression is now the main cause of incapacity anywhere in the world. That is an enormous statistic in itself: it means that there are more disabled people due to the depression that by any other problem of physical or mental health.

It is worth the pain to take a minute to understand it, partly because it means that it is not only and that the depression is not something rare or shameful, as it used to be. The majority of the people who have fought with the depression knows, what it is difficult to find good treatments, but exists.

Part of the problem is that a treatment can work for a person and does not stop the other, and can take several attempts before arriving at the correct therapy, or combination of therapies. These are some of the methods that have demonstrated that they work and that it is worth the pain to consider. As always, to find a therapist whom trusts and with that it is connected usually it is the first step to determine what way to take.


Here the 6 effective strategies for the treatment of the depression.

  • Behavioural mental therapy (TCC)
  • Psychoanalysis and Psicodin¡mica Psycotherapy
  • Therapies in the short term
  • Exercise, Meditation and treatments based on the total attention
  • Medication
  • Magnetic stimulation Transcraneal


Behavioural mental therapy (TCC)

Many consider that this form of therapy is the gold standard in the treatment of the depression. Here, idea is that a person first realizes her negative landlord of thought, that presumably is the underlying cause of the depression, and soon learns to replace them by others more positives with time.

The studies have found that the TCC is quite effective to treat the depression, and its effectiveness is the one of antidepressants at least, others have suggested it TCC is useful mainly as active treatment, but their effects lie down to fall more quickly in the later years to the interruption of the treatment.

Certainly, it can be a form of extremely useful therapy for some people.

€œFor the people who fight with the negative thought and the bad resolution of problems that entails the depression, the TCC is an excellent treatment€

The studies of images have endorsed the fact that the TCC seems to do something to our brains. On the one hand, it has demonstrated that activity falls in crust prefrontal medial (mPFC), that thinks that it is the €œcenter€ of the brain, and €œis ignited€ when we have thoughts (and generally negative).

Also it can increase the activity in the seahorse, that knows that it is affected in the depression. The TCC definitively will not go to any side, and it would not have, she is solid methodologically and it has a solid base of evidence. But also it is possible if other strategies are better for some people, or if a combination is more effective.


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Following strategy: Psychoanalysis and Psicodin¡mica Psycotherapy


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