Treatment for the chronic fatigue syndrome with EMT

The chronic fatigue syndrome is a serious disease and long play that affects to many systems of the body. Another name for this is mi¡lgica encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome.

Often, the syndrome can make difficult realising its normal activities. Sometimes it is possible that not even it can leave the bed.

The symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome can include:

  • Severe fatigue that nonimprovement with the rest
  • Problems to sleep
  • Malaise or fatigue post-effort, where their symptoms get worse after any physical or mental activity
  • Problems with thinking and concentrating themselves
  • Pain
  • Dizziness

The chronic fatigue syndrome can be unpredictable. Their symptoms can appear and disappear. They can change with time. Sometimes they can improve and, other times, get worse.

One does not exist cures for the chronic fatigue syndrome. The treatment focuses in the lightening of the symptoms.

Many people who also have chronic fatigue syndrome suffer of depression. To treat the depression can facilitate to you that you fight with the problems associated with the chronic fatigue syndrome. Low doses of antidepressants can also help to sleep better and to alleviate the pain you.

The most effective treatment for the chronic fatigue syndrome seems to be a double boarding that it combines the mental training with a program of light exercises.

  • Mental training. To speak with an adviser can help to determine the options you to work in some of the limitations that the chronic fatigue syndrome imposes in you. To feel that you have more control on your life can improve your prognosis radically.
  • Gradual exercises. A physiotherapist can help to determine you what exercises are better for you. The inactive people often begin with exercises of elongation and movement amplitude during some minutes to the day. The gradual increase of the intensity of the exercises over the years can help in the same way to reduce hypersensitivity to the exercise that the vaccines against the allergy gradually reduce the hypersensitivity of a person to a particular allergen.

Therapy of Magnetic Stimulation Transcraneal for the Chronic fatigue syndrome

Several studies of neurograph have demonstrated the presence of functional or structural local abnormalitys in certain areas of the brain in patients with SFC, and suggested these local abnormalitys in the brain can contribute to the development of the fatigue.

The transcraneal magnetic stimulation (EMT) is a new used neuromoduladora therapy in patients with neurological and psychiatric upheavals, as well as in cerebrovascular accident and depression. The effect of EMT on the local neuronal activity of the cerebral crust differs according to the stimulation frequency. The EMT of high frequency (‰¥10 Hertz) facilitates the cortical neuronal activity, whereas the EMT of LF (‰¤1 Hertz) suppresses the activity. To where we know, the EMT not yet has been used therapeutically nor with aims of investigation in patients with SFC. Theoretically, the application of EMT improves the bad neuronal operation and, therefore, to improve such symptoms of fatigue.

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