How prepared is the brain for the mental improvement?

Neuroplasticity is a concept in called neurology. The neuroplasticity takes care of the many abilities of the brain,

including his capacity it stops:

  • It learns new information
  • To acquire new abilities
  • To change and to adapt throughout all the life

The level of neuroplasticity of a person changes throughout the life. Nevertheless, also it can even improve as we age.

The mental improvement is the process to improve the neuroplasticity.

Improvement abilities as the memory, the learning and the functions motorboats. In simple terms, the mental improvement is to learn to think and to learn better.

To improve the cognition has enormous implications for certain neurological upheavals.

This includes upheavals as the Alzheimer, the Parkinson and the degeneration by cerebral injuries. Even for healthy patients, the mental improvement can contribute benefits to make us feel more alert.


The brain is naturally plastic, which means that it is preparation for the change and the adaptation.

The natural deterioration happens with the age and the disease. Nevertheless, an increasing school of thought exists of which it is possible to foment the mental improvement manually.

Here in Integral Clinic of Mental Health we used the therapy of transcraneal magnetic stimulation (EMT). With this method, we can promote the cerebral activity.


The therapy of transcraneal magnetic stimulation is approved by FDA. The procedure is considered safe generally by the medical professionals.

A new investigation always arises exceeds how EMT benefits the neurological and psychological conditions.

These studies testify the positive effects of EMT in the neurological health.

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