chatbots and mental health

Is chatbots really the answer for the mental health of the young people?

We are conscious that the needs of mental health between the children and the adolescents are in constant growth. But the professional services extend by the legacy of the austerity and can have a dying delay so that the families receive the help who need.

By this and other reasons, exist an increasing tendency to use chatbots of therapy in line based on IA and other resources. But these digital services really an effective is contribution to the field of the attention of mental health?

The artificial intelligence (IA) has its limitations,

For the young people in hardships, it can be incredibly difficult to know what type of support needs and search it in a useful adult. It is possible that they do not feel able to approach a member of his family or school to request help; from fear of not being understood or worse, court, not to want to oppress to those who matters to them, or not to know if the adult can even know how how to help them.

In order to accede to professionals in Services of Mental Health for Children and Adolescents or voluntary dispositions of the sector, often a reference of a school or attending physician is required, and few allow that the adolescents talk about to themselves.

When a young person has managed search help this way, often she can have one long delay for the therapy. So the young people often go to Internet in search of a form to help itself to themselves.


can IA really take part to fill this emptiness of an effective and safe way?

Every time services look for in line that they can be endorsed by professionals of the mental health, in some cases, have little or no clinical base.

The attractiveness of chatbots of therapy is clear and attractive, since the 24 hours of the day are available and have the potential to arrive at many more people from those than the different services can take care of at the moment.

There is a benefit in having a message accessible to participate in a useful activity (for example, yoga or deep breathing for those who panic attacks undergo), that some of these digital services offer. But those that offer €œtherapeutic conversations€ for the IA fulfill their limitations of clearer way.

The human experience incredibly is clarified and complex.

Chatbots of therapy responds to a great extent of formulated forms and simply they cannot distinguish between the content of the way in which an empathic, helpful and trained human being can do it. Many artificial intelligence services clarify that they are not an alternative to the therapy, nevertheless, is something tempting about a system that is related to a vulnerable person as if outside a human being, and can be worrisome when the answers are not sensible and respond to their needs.

More worrisome, several chats of mental health have been in the public eye not detecting and responding to the revelations of sexual abuse, upheavals of the feeding suitably and drug use of the children.

This arose through an investigation of BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION on two applications from chatbot for the mental health, that emphasized that when using one of these applications, a young person would not receive an immediate warning of the gravity of her situation, neither a careful plan of how obtaining the more help.

Serious Ponte

Luckily, this month, the government of the United Kingdom in line presented the first laws of security of his type in the world, that they establish that the social means companies must fulfill €œhaving of care€ obligatory to protect the users and could face forts fines if they do not fulfill them.

He is vitally important that the digital companies that offer to support to the young people in their more vulnerable situation take this responsibility seriously.

Then, where he leaves to this the paper of the IA in the world of the mental health care of the children?  At the moment, the therapy chats can have certain value as dynamic books of self-help. But the therapeutic function never can replace the value of a useful human relation.

There it is where one is really due to direct the enthusiasm, the innovation and the financing. Finally, there are impulses of the government to increase to the access of the children to the therapy in the professional schools and services.

But this must much more be ambitious and to have a much more ample reach because at the moment the objectives reach only to 15% of the diagnosed children. In the same way that the children cannot suitably be bred by a system of artificial intelligence, it is not possible to be helped them suitably to surpass the complexities of his emotional difficulties.

By the previous thing, in Integral Clinic Mental Health we did not use any of these technologies of IA, counted on specialized Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists and certificates not nothing else to offer a service of quality but an integral of direction and taken care of service in mental health.

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