EMT: a reality for the depression

5 data on as EMT can treat the depression

The transcraneal magnetic stimulation (EMT) is a treatment for the greater depressive upheaval (commonly known as depression) that it is gaining recognition by his rate of success.

We offer the service of diagnosis to see if EMT is adapted for you. In our clinic, we have had more than 200 patients submissive this treatment from 2016. Of that they did it, more of 66% it obtained the complete remission of the depression and 90% had a positive answer to the treatment with EMT.

Here there are 5 data exceeds how EMT can treat their depression.

EMT uses magnetic fields to stimulate the neurons.

The depression (greater depressive upheaval) is a serious and common medical disease that it affects negatively how feels, how it thinks and how it acts.

The causes of the depression are of complex nature. The depression can be caused by one or any combination of the following:

  • regulation of the defective mood
  • genetic predisposition
  • stressful or traumatic events
  • abuse of substances

Methods exist to approach these causes, as the advising on abuse of substances, genetic testing and the psychological therapy.

The antidepressants are used to improve the regulation of the mood, but the effectiveness of antidepressants is quite low in some cases.

The popular convention would make you think that the emotions come from the heart, but the regulation of the emotions and the mood takes place in the brain.

The investigators think that, something more important that the specific cerebral chemical levels, are the connections of the nerve cells, the growth of the nerve cells and the operation of the nervous circuits that have a great impact in the depression.

The neurotransmitters in the brain travel through neuronal routes to regulate the mood. When they are gotten depressed, these neurotransmitters cannot travel through the neuronal route regularly and disrupt the communication in the brain for the mood.

A way simple to think it is to think about the neuronal route as a freeway and about the neurotransmitters as automobiles in the freeway.

When the highway is full of pockets and is damaged, the automobiles can hit and the traffic on the road slows down and it is interrupted.

We can clear the collision and to leave the traffic is started again, but sooner or later more accidents will take place. We must approach the problem at issue and repair the way.

With EMT, a magnetic field is used to repair the neuronal route (the way) and to stimulate the neurotransmitters (the automobiles) so that the function of the mood of the brain can work correctly.


He is not invasive and it does not require sedation

Procedure EMT requires that the magnetic coil is placed in the left prefrontal crust, where as soon as it touches the head of the patient and is tightened in its place so that it is not weight in the head.

The magnetic coil works inducing a magnetic field.

During the procedure, it is not necessary that the patient is soothed or anesthesia is administered to him.


It does not require medication

The EMT treatment only involves the sessions in the clinic. It is not necessary to provide additional medecines, although sometimes the treating doctor could prescribe some to complement and to obtain a greater answer.

During the treatment, the patients begin to notice that they can stop taking antidepressants.

In some cases that we have had in our clinic, some patients which they were taking more than 10 different medecines significantly reduced the amount of medecines that needed and, in some cases, stopped taking medecines completely.


Little or no side effect

The side effects that can happen during or after the treatment are:

  • inconvenience or pain in the hairy leather
  • Headache
  • Creeps of face muscles
  • Dizziness

The treatments with EMT only take some minutes

The EMT treatments take from 20 to 30 minutes every day, five days to the week, during 3 to 5 weeks, following the diagnosis and protocol. During the treatment, you are wide-awake and our clinic in a relaxed atmosphere and if ndistracciones, can listen to music or read a book.

In any case, treatments EMT could be a good moment to practice the meditation.

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