depression in social networks

Tie Social networks to the increase of the depression in young people

If a boy who already feels gotten depressed, you in line go reminding of that are not part of the diversion, it only intensifies the isolation sensation.

The effects of the world in line.

The social networks are programmed to approach the friendships and loved ones, but, on the contrary, sometimes they can create a false sensation of connection with the others when the reality is that the people who follow the account of somebody are not necessarily friendly personal.

And even when the young adolescents or adults are leaving with friends, it worries to have to maintain the appearances to them with his followers in the social networks when documenting the experience, reason why more in capturing the perfect photo focus that in enjoying.

€œThe people will be removed from the present moment to obtain that documentation for the social networks and that can increase the anxiety€

In addition, there is an addictive quality in the platforms of social networks that allow the public to show to their approval of a publication doing click in an icon,

The pleasure that an individual when seeing others as which they have shared in line causes that undergoes the brain releases dopamine, a chemical substance associated with desire to repeat the behavior and the reason for which the people remain beaten to their telephone after publishing something.

Some advice for parents

For the parents who wonder themselves what can make to protect their son of the potential risks of the excessive use of smartphones, the experts offer these suggestions:

  • He keeps the telephone one hour before lying down.
  • He limits the amount of free time that happens in front of a screen to two hours per day (this does not include the time that passes in a computer doing the task).
  • To prohibit the cell phones in dinner. It is a form to impose a together time of good quality.
  • He forms the telephone of his son with one of the applications that rake and control how long has in him.
  • A time for the expensive interaction to face is taken.
  • one recommends the parents who work the habit to program individual appointments with each of their children to have significant conversations without the distraction of a cell phone.

The parents who work can find that stress and the fatigue make difficult the time, but settle down a relation that is deeper than the superficial questions and the answers of a single word are key to discover how his son with respect to the life feels,


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