It prioritizes your mental health

How to prioritize your mental health in the 2020

A new year is approached, reason why we want to share with you some advice to make of its mental health a priority for this 2020.

To prioritize its health can sometimes be difficult, especially if it is occupied with the work, the social family, studies, commitments and the general activities of life daily.

But when implementing our suggestions that are enlisted next, can develop a routine simple to watch their well-being the year throughout.

#1 Saber how it is when one feels well

It takes note from how it is when one feels well; this could include how it feels generally, how they are his thoughts, how it is his daily routine, what it likes to do or what it is to him easy when it is well with itself, and so on. To know how you are when you feel well provides a basic line to you to use the advice who detail themselves next.

#2 Aprenda to identify the first signals of warning.

The first signals of warning are subtle changes in their thoughts, feelings and/or behaviors that they indicate that its well-being is falling slowly. It does not hope until feeling completely crushed to do something on the matter. The sooner it approaches what it is happening, for example, doing active section of the front to the stressful factors that are experimenting or assigning to something of time and resources to take care of itself, easier will be to return to rise or to avoid a greater declivity.

#3 Conozca their factors triggering factors and is proactive

If it knows that certain experiences or events affect their mental health negatively, for example, increase of the term, service load, difficulty in the relations, examination, difficulty of health, etc. During these stressful times, approaches the challenges of proactive way and obtains support when it is necessary.

#4 Saber when and where to obtain additional help

If note that the form in which day to day feels continues getting worse, it is important search help. This could include:

  • to obtain help with the stressful situation that faces,
  • to arrive at relatives or friendly from confidence, who could support it of different ways,
  • to equip itself with some tools of self-help to return to normality,
  • or to approach a professional, as its doctor, to obtain recommendations.

We know that to admit that it is hour to obtain help and advice can be a challenge, but the sooner it does it, and more soon easier will be to return to its habitual state.

In Integral Clinic of Mental Health, we are it jeopardize to continue with our mission to improve the mental health by means of the specialized and opportune attention, respecting the dignity of patient and its family.

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