what to say to a friend with depression

You don't know that to tell him to anybody with depression?

The greater depression is one of the upheavals of health mental more common in the world, reason why it is probable that somebody that you know or you love suffers of this affection.

To know how to speak with that it lives with depression it can be an excellent way to support it.

Although to arrive at anybody with depression it cannot cure them, the social support can remember to them that they are not single. This can be difficult to think when it is gotten depressed, but can also be incredibly useful in a crisis.

Science has even endorsed the importance of the social support. The investigation has demonstrated that the depression probability in the last year has reduced the source of confidence with a social connection of high quality.

The social support, particularly the familiar support, has a reliable protective factor for the depression and the anxiety.

Then, what would have to tell him to which has depression? Here there are seven things that to say so that they know that it matters to you.


What to tell him to which has depression?

1. You want to speak on that? I am here when you are ready.

It cannot force to anybody to speak, but knowledge that is available really can help it to feel supported.

If they have not been sincere with you about his depression, it is possible that it wishes to mention that has noticed that they are having difficulties and that you are there if they want to speak. If simply it asks €œYou are well? €, They can be customary to pretend and to respond €œI am well€.

If they are not ready to speak now, remember to them that it is here for them when they are ready. When they are having difficulties and they need to speak with somebody, their supply can remember and go to you.


2. What I can make to help today?

The depression often cause tires, problems to sleep and lack of motivation. Sometimes, to only leave the bed can be difficult.

To ask what can really do can help them during its day.

Perhaps they are not eating well and you can pick up dinner. Perhaps they need a matutinal call or a message text to make sure to arrive in time at the work.

Sometimes only you need to listen. To help does not have to be an enormous and drastic effort. It can be as simple as to raise a telephone, to share a food or to take them to an appointment.

It only remembers: the advice are not just like to request help. If they request his advice to him, say it if therefore he wishes it. But he does not offer solutions to them or €œuseful€ declarations that they seem one cures for his depression. This can seem critical or nonempathic.

You do not say:

  • €œIt only thinks happy thoughts. I do not understand why you must be so sad €œ.
  • €œEverything will be well, I promise it€.
  • €œYou only need to leave this€.
  • €œMuch people are worse than you€.

3. How you are handling yourself? How it is your depression?

This can give an idea him of how its treatment goes or if they need help to obtain professional attendance.

The depression is a medical condition. It is not a defect or weakness.

If somebody to that mistresses has depression, animates it search professional help if not yet it has done it. Remember to them that to request help it is a strength signal, not of weakness.

To also ask how it goes its treatment can encourage them to follow with its plan of treatment. Also it can tell them when it has noticed improvements. This can help to validate that it is working, even if not always they feel thus.


4. You are not only. Perhaps it does not understand exactly how you feel, but you are not only.

The depression is incredibly common. Many people do not look for help.

The depression can cause that many people feel single and who they would have to be isolated. Deals that are not single. It is there for them, even if it does not have a similar personal experience.

If it has had depression, it can share that it knows reason why is happening. This can help them to be related. Nevertheless, mant©n the approach in them. It remembers to listen first.


5. You are important for me.

It is always good for knowing that you are loved or wanted. When somebody is depressed, it can feel the opposite exactly.

It is why to tell him to that is important for you, that you need them in his life and that they matter, can be so comforting.

Also it can be more specific envelope which loves of them or how it appreciates them by whom they do.


6. That sounds outside as if really difficult. How are you?

The intention of this is simply to recognize that it give account to you of the difficult thing that is for them. To recognize how lasts can be the depression and their symptoms can help them to feel seen.

It is a good reminder that you are listening to them, you see them and you are here for helping them to bear them.


7. Moan much that you are happening through this. I am here for you if you need to me.

The fact is that there is nothing no perfect that to say to him that it lives with depression. Your words will not cure them. But they can help.

To remember to him to that you are there for helping it when you need it, or in the form of help with a small task or of somebody to that to call in a crisis, can be so essential to save a life.


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