5 things that to avoid to help to a friend with depression

What you must avoid to help to a friend with depression

Even if you do not know how to help your friend to feel better, simply I gave €œMoan that you feel thus. I am here for helping you, if there is something can do €œcan help.

5 things that you must avoid to help to a friend with depression


1. You do not take the things personally

The depression of your friend is not your fault, as well as it is not his fault either.

It deals with not leaving affects if they seem to you to attack against you with wrath or frustration, to continue cancelling plans (or to forget to you to make a pursuit) or if you do not want to do much don't mention it.

It is possible that, at some time, it needs a rest his friend. It is or taking a space for you if one feels emotionally exhausted, but also is important to avoid to blame his friend or to say things that can contribute to their negative feelings.

However, it considers to speak with a therapist or another person of support exceeds how one feels.

2. You do not try to fix them

The depression is a serious affection of mental health that requires professional treatment.

It can be difficult to understand exactly how the depression feels if it has never experienced it. But he is not something that can be cured with some well-meaning phrases as €œYou would have to be been thankful by the good things of your life€ or €œSimply it stops thinking about sad things€.

If you would not say something to him to which it suffers a physical affection, as diabetes or cancer, probably you would not have to say it to your friend with depression.

You can foment the positividad (although your friend it does not respond) remembering the things to them that you like of them, especially when seems that only they have negative things that to say.

The positive support can let know him to your friend who really matters to you.


3. Not to give advice

Although certain changes in the lifestyle often help to improve the symptoms of the depression, can be difficult to realise these changes in the middle of a depressive episode.

It is possible that it wishes to help offering advice, as making more exercise or following a healthful diet. But even if he is a good advice, it is possible that his friend does not want to listen to it at this moment.

It can arrive a little while in which his friend wants to find out what foods can help with the depression or how the exercise can alleviate the symptoms. Until then, nevertheless, it can be better to rely on empathic listening and to avoid to offer advice until they ask for it.

To foment a positive change inviting them to walk or to cook together a nutritious food


4. It does not diminish nor it compares his experience.

If his friend speaks on his depression, it is possible that he wishes to say things as €œI understand€ or €œAll we have there been€. But never it has fought with the depression, this can diminish his feelings.

The depression goes simply beyond feeling sad or gotten depressed. The sadness happens generally quite fast, whereas the depression can persist and affect the relation, mood, work, school and all the other aspect of life during months or even years.

To compare what it is happening with the problems of another person or to say things as €œBut the things could be much worse€, generally nonhelp.

The pain your friendly is what is real for them at this moment, and to validate that pain is what it can more help them.

It says something as: €œI cannot imagine the difficult thing that it is to fight with that. I know that I cannot make you feel better, but remembers that you are not only €œ.


5. It does not take a position on the medication

The medication can be very useful for the depression, but it does not work well for all.

To some people they do not like their side effects and prefer to deal the depression with natural therapy or remedies. Even if it thinks that his friend would have to take an antidepressant, he remembers that to choose to take medecines it is a personal decision.

In the same way, if you personally do not believe in medecines, it avoids the subject when it speaks with them. For some people, the medication is key to take them to a place where they can participate totally in the therapy and begin to take measures to recover.

At the end of the day, if somebody with depression takes medecines or no, it is a very personal decision that is generally better for them and his supplier of medical care.

The depression can increase to the risk of suicide or autolesi³n of a person, reason why he is useful to know how how to recognize the signs.


When it is the moment to take part?


Some signs that can indicate that his friend is having serious suicidal thoughts include:

  • frequent changes of humor or changes of personality
  • speaking of the death or to die
  • to buy a weapon
  • greater use of substances
  • dangerous or dangerous behavior
  • to undo of the properties or to give appraised possessions
  • speaking to feel catched or to want to go out
  • to move away to the people or to say that they want that they leave them peacefully
  • taking leave with more feeling of the habitual thing

If you think that your friend is whereas clause to commit suicide, ask to him that he calls to his therapist while you are with them or asks to him your friend if you can call it.


Also it can take to his friend to the room of emergency. If it is possible, remain with his friend until no longer one feels suicidal. Make sure that it cannot accede to any weapon or it drugs.

If you are worried about your friend, it is possible that it worries to you to mention suicidal thoughts can encourage it. But he is generally useful to speak of that.

Ask to him your friend if it has considered the suicide seriously. It is possible that it wants to speak on the matter with somebody, but is not safe of how raising the subject.

Encourage it to speak with his therapist on those thoughts, if not yet it has done it. It offers to help it to create a security plan to use it, if it thinks that it could act in agreement with those thoughts.

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