How to help to a friend with depression? - Part 2

Continuation of How to help to a friend with depression? 

6. - Help with the daily tasks offers.

With the depression, the daily tasks can be overwhelming. Things as washing the clothes, buying foods or to pay invoices can begin to be accumulated, which makes difficult to know how by where to begin.

It is possible that his friend appreciates a supply of help, but also is possible that it cannot say clearly with what needs help.

Then, instead of saying €œWarns to me if there is something can do€, considers to say: €œWith what you need more help today€

If note that its refrigerator is empty, says €œI can take to him to buy foods or to gather what needs if writes a list to me€ Or €œWe are going to buy some together foods and to cook dinner€.

If his friend is slow in washing plates, to wash the clothes or other houseworks, offer to him to come, to put something of music and to approach together a specific task. Simply to have company can cause that the work seems less discouraging.


7. It extends loose invitations

The people who live with depression can have difficulties to communicate with friends and to formulate or to maintain plans. But to cancel plans can contribute to the fault.

A landlord of cancelled plans can generate less invitations, which can increase the isolation. These feelings can make worse the depression.

It can help to tranquilize his friend if it continues extending invitations to activities, even if it knows that it is little probable that they accept it. Tell them that it understands that it is possible that they do not maintain the plans when they are in a difficult situation and that there is pressure no to spend the short while until they are ready.

Only remember to them that he is happy for seeing them when they wish it.


7. - Patient

The depression generally improvement with the treatment, but can be a slow process that implies a little test and error. It is possible that they must prove different approaches or medecines from advising before finding one that helps them with its symptoms.

The successful treatment not always even means that the depression disappears completely. His friend can from time to time continue having symptoms.

Meanwhile, probably they will be some good days and some bad. It avoids to assume that a good day means that €œthey are cured€ and tries not to feel frustrated if a series of bad days causes that it seems that his friend never will improve.

The depression does not have a line of clear recovery time. To hope that his friend returns to his normal state after some weeks of therapy not will help them to no of you.

9. Mantente in touch

It can help to say him to him to his friend who still worries about them while they continue working to surpass the depression.

Even if it cannot spend long time with them regularly, register yourself regularly with a message of text, a telephone call or a fast visit. To even send a fast text message that says €œI have been thinking about you and I worry about you€ can help.

The people who live with depression can become more reserved and to avoid to approach, reason why she can be doing more work to maintain the friendship. But to continue being a positive presence and of support in the life of your friendly can mark a great difference for them, even if they cannot express that at this moment to you.


10. It knows the different forms that can take the depression

The depression often implies sadness or bad mood, but also it has other less well-known symptoms.

For example, many people do not realize of which the depression can involve:

  • wrath and irritability
  • confusion, problems of memory or difficulty to concentrate itself
  • excessive fatigue or problems to sleep
  • physical symptoms as upset stomach, frequent headaches or backache and other muscles

His friend often can seem of bad mood or feel most of the time tired. He tries to consider that what they still feel is part of the depression, even if he does not fit in the stereotyped versions of the depression.

Even if he does not know how to help them to feel better, simply he says €œMoan that feels thus. I am here for helping if there is something can do €œcan help.


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