How to help to a friend with depression? - Part 1

To help to a friend with depression can be everything a challenge. If somebody near one undergoes depression, probably you feel impotence and perhaps you wonder yourself what you must do.

Here we explained how to offer to support and understanding to you, and how to help to that your loved one receives the resources who needs to confront the depression.

If his friend is undergoing depression, he can present the following thing:

  • it seems sad or tearful
  • to seem more pessimistic of habitual or the desperate thing on the future
  • to speak on feeling guilty, empty or without value
  • It seems interested in spending time less together or to communicate with less frequency than normally they would do it
  • one gets upset easily or he is unusually irritable
  • to have less energy, to move slowly or to seem generally apathetic
  • they have less interest in its appearance of the habitual thing or neglect the basic hygiene, as taking a shower and brushing the teeth
  • it has problems to sleep or it sleeps much more of the habitual thing
  • to worry less about his activities and I interest habitual
  • it seems forgetful or it has problems to concentrate themselves or to decide on the things
  • it eats more or less of the normal thing
  • to speak of death or suicide
Here, we will review 10 things that can make to help, as well as some things to avoid.


1. - She Listens

Let know him to your friend that you are there for helping it. You can begin the conversation sharing his restlessness and making a specific question. For example, you could say: €œIt seems that lately you have had difficulties. What you have in mind€

Considers that his friend can want to speak envelope which feels, but is possible that he does not love advice.

He interacts with your friend using technical of active listening:

  • He makes questions to obtain more data instead of to assume than he understands what they mean.
  • To validate its feelings. You could say: €œThat sounds really difficult. I feel to listen to that.€
  • Sample empathy and interest with your corporal language.

It is possible that his friend does not have desire to speak the first time that asks, reason why can be useful to continue saying to him that he matters to him.

He continues making open questions (without being aggressive) and expressing his preoccupation. He tries to have conversations in person whenever it is possible. If you live in different areas, he proves the video chat.


2. - Help them to find support.

It is possible that his friend does not know that is fighting with the depression or that he is not safe of how search help.

Even if they know that the therapy could help, it can be discouraging search a therapist and to arrange an appointment.

If his friend seems to be interested in the advising, offer help to review possible therapists to him. He can help his friend to make a list of things to ask the possible therapists and the things to him that want to mention in his first session.

To animate them and to support them so that they do that first appointment can be very useful if they have difficulties.


3. - To support them in the continuous therapy

In a bad day, your friend could not have desire to leave house. The depression can eliminate energy and to increase desire of autoaislamiento.

If they say something as, €œI believe that I am going to cancel my appointment of therapy€, animate them to that they stay.

You could say: €œThe past week you shelp that your session was really productive and later you felt far better. What happens if the session of today also help? €

The same bond for the medication. If his friend wants to stop taking medecines due to the disagreeable side effects, he is shared in common, but ali©ntelos to speak with his psychiatrist about changing to an antidepressant different or to stop taking medecines completely.

To suspend steeply antidepressants without the supervision of a medical care supplier can have serious consequences.


4. - Take care same

When you worry about which lives with depression, he is tempting to let everything to be to its side and to support it. He is not bad to want to help a friend, but also it is important to take care of its own needs.

If you put all your energy in supporting your friend, you will have left very little. And if you feel exhausted or frustrated, you will not be of much help for your friend.

It establishes limits

To establish limits can help. For example, it can let know him not before to his friend who is available to speak after arriving at house of the work, but.

If it worries to him that they feel that they cannot communicate with you, you offer to help them to elaborate a contingency plan if they need it during his workday. This could imply to find a reporting line to which they can call or find a keyword that can send a text message to him if they are in a crisis.

It can offer to spend every two days or to bring a food per week twice, instead of trying to help every day. To involve to other friendly can help to create a network of greater support.

The self medication practices

To spend long time with a loved one who has depression can have an emotional cost. It knows his limits around the difficult emotions and makes sure to take the time to recharge itself.

If it needs to let him know to his friend who will not be in favor available of a time, he can say something to him as €œI cannot speak until hour X.I can talk with you until then?


5. - It learns on the depression by your account

It imagines to have to educate to each person in his life on a problem of mental or physical health that is experimenting, explaining it time and time again. It sounds exhausting, truth?

It can speak with his friend on his specific symptoms or how one feels, but it avoids to ask to him that it tells him on the depression in general terms.

Lea on the symptoms, the causes, the criteria of diagnosis and the treatments by its account.

Although the people undergo the depression differently, to be familiarized with the general symptoms and the terminology can help it to have deeper conversations with its friend.


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