Cutting €“ Adolescent in danger

Everybody undergoes stress, anxiety and sometimes a low mood. But the emotional stress and changes can be pronounced different for each person, especially for the adolescents who sail by turbid waters of the adolescence. Whereas some adolescents can feel nervous or with fear when they are under stress, others can feel an elevated frustration and anger, overwhelming sadness or fear and anxiety. Some adolescents resort to the autolesi³n to do against these complicated emotions.


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Magnetic stimulation Transcraneal What is?

The transcraneal magnetic stimulation is a noninvasive method of stimulation of the brain that uses induced electrical currents. In this way, the activity in the parts of the brain is stimulated or inhibited which it has been affected, altering the operation of the neuronal circuits.
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Upheaval of personality limit

 Borderline personality disorder (TLP) or upheaval borderline it is a mental affection in which a person has prolonged landlords of turbulent or unstable emotions.

The people with Borderline personality disorder they undergo emotional bumps, constant doubts and attacks of wrathwhat makes difficult its relation with the others.

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The not treated greater depression

The treated clinical depression is not a serious problem. The treated depression does not increase to the possibility of risky behaviors as the addiction to drugs or the alcohol. Also it can ruin the relations, cause problems at work and make difficult the overcoming of serious diseases. To read More