Magnetic stimulation Transcraneal What is?

The transcraneal magnetic stimulation is a noninvasive method of stimulation of the brain that uses induced electrical currents. In this way, the activity in the parts of the brain is stimulated or inhibited which it has been affected, altering the operation of the neuronal circuits.
It is a method, without anesthesia, cash and insurance without side effects that the stimulation of deeper zones of the cerebral crust without producing pain allows.


EMT Is an ambulatory treatment, noninvasive and effective for some Psychiatric Neuro Upheavals/.

In spite of being a novel treatment, already it is recognized and recommended by FDA (2008) for patients with depression greater appellant, suicidal Attempt, chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Compulsive obsessive upheaval, upheaval of attention in adolescents, bipolar upheaval (depressive phase), hallucinations and depression in schizophrenia, cerebrovascular accident (to 1er quarterly), microphone, Parkinson, fibromyalgia, Tinnitus and other conditions.

The treatment is approved by FDA in E.U.A and is endorsed at international level by the investigation and application        of academic institutions of high level, hospitals and centers treatment leaders.


 The patient once receives treatment to the day during 15 to 20 days, for one hour approx, with previous evaluations and after the treatment. The change can be generated as fast as eight days, but it is moderate later from a home and to a year.

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We are the only center in the region that counts on this equipment to give specialized attention that in coordination with its doctor causes that the treatment is more effective and in smaller time.


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  1. Good morning, I tried to communicate telephone route with You, but I did not obtain it, what is its schedule of attention to patients and who days of the week, also I want to know which is the cost of the studies of evaluation to the patient and the later sessions of the therapy, that I have understood that they are up to 20, Thanks for his attention

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