Symptoms of depression? , it is time search help

The majority of us we felt sometimes sad, solitary or gotten depressed. It is a normal reaction to the loss, the fights of life or the injured self-esteem.

But when these feelings become overwhelming, cause physical symptoms and last long periods of time, they can avoid that it takes a normal life and it activates.

There it is when it is hour search medical help.

His habitual doctor is a good place to begin. They can evaluate his depression and help it to control his symptoms. If its depression does not treat, it can make worse and last months, even years. It can cause pain and to possibly take to the suicide, since it does in approximately 1 of each 10 people with depression.

To recognize the symptoms is key. Unfortunately, approximately half of the people who never have depression diagnoses it or tries.



They can include:

  • Problems to concentrate themselves, to remember details and to make decisions
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of fault, uselessness and impotence.
  • Pesimism and hopelessness
  • Insomnia, matutinal watch or too much dream.
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of interest in things that before were pleasant, including sex.
  • To eat in excess or loss of appetite
  • Dolores, headaches or cramps that do not disappear.
  • Digestive problems that do not improve, even with treatment.
  • Persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety or €œemptiness€
  • Thoughts or attempts of suicide


There is no a €œtest of depression€ that a doctor can use to see if he has it, reason why to discover it often begins with a complete file and a physical examination.

His doctor will want to know:

  • When your symptoms began
  • How long they have lasted
  • What severe ones are
  • If the depression or other mental diseases run in their family
  • If it has antecedents of abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Also it will be wondered to him if it has had similar symptoms of depression before and, of being thus, how one treated.



If his doctor discards a physical cause for his symptoms, he can begin his treatment or derive it to a professional from mental health.

This specialist will discover the best course of treatment. That can include medecines (as antidepressants), a type of called therapy psycotherapy, or both.

At present another alternative exists, Therapy of Estimulaci³n Magn©tica Transcraneal (EMT), is a noninvasive method of stimulation of the brain that uses induced electrical currents.

In this way, the activity in the parts of the brain is stimulated or inhibited which it has been affected, altering the operation of the neuronal circuits. It is a method, without anesthesia, cash and insurance without side effects that the stimulation of deeper zones of the cerebral crust without producing pain allows.

It is an ambulatory, noninvasive and effective treatment for some psychiatric and neurological Upheavals.

if you wish to know more on the Therapy of transcraneal magnetic stimulation, you do click here

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