EMT: a reality for the depression

Because EMT is different from other treatments for the depression and anxiety

Medecines as the antidepressants are systemic, which means that the medicine is absorbed in the sanguineous torrent, which can cause numerous side effects.

The EMT is prescribed generally when the antidepressants have failed or the side effects are intolerable; This can be called resistant depression to the treatment.

Other treatments for the resistant depression to the treatment include the electroconvulsive therapy (COMPLEXION), that works applying a brief electrical pulse to the brain that induces a convulsion medically.

The COMPLEXION is realised in a hospital as well as in the Integral Clinic of Mental Health, since we counted on this equipment, you will be anaesthetised and subject during the procedure.

The COMPLEXION can be associate with numerous side effects. On the other hand the EMT is a smooth ambulatory procedure, nonsystemic, with few known associate side effects.

The patients can return to their daily activities after the treatment.

The therapy with EMT is appropriate for adults with depression and anxiety, that have not obtained a satisfactory improvement of previous the antidepressing medication in the present episode.

This means that if diagnosed depression and the medication to him it does not work, or if the side effects are intolerable, it must ask to him his doctor about EMT.

It comments with his doctor about the possibility of receiving this treatment or asks that one approaches to give the information him that it requires.

We are proud to have the opportunity to mark a true difference in the life of the people.


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