Without significant side effects. €¢ Ambulatory procedure does not require hospitalization €¢ The patient remains wide-awake €¢ He alerts and control altogether. €¢ He is not invasive. He is very Effective and Innocuous. €¢ He does not require anesthesia. €¢ The improvement in the patient is fast.

That is the Magnetic Stimulation Transcraneal?

The transcraneal magnetic stimulation or EMT, is a noninvasive method of stimulation of the brain that uses induced electrical currents. In this way, the activity in the parts of the brain is stimulated or inhibited which it has been affected, altering the operation of the neuronal circuits. It is a method, without anesthesia, cash and insurance without side effects that the stimulation of deeper zones of the cerebral crust without producing pain allows.

So that it serves?

It is an ambulatory, noninvasive and effective treatment for some psychiatric and neurological Upheavals.

Who guarantees it?

The treatment is guaranteed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the agency of the government of the E.U responsible for the medecine regulation.

Since when used this is treatment?

This treatment is used from year 1985 by Anthony Barker, who was first in stimulating the cerebral crust using stimulating external Magn©tico. At the moment the main European cities, EUA and Canada and in Latin America Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and recently in Mexico.



Within the affective upheavals we found

  • Greater depression
  • Bipolar upheaval
  • Dysthymia 

, among others same that is susceptible to be dealt with EMT

  • Generalized anxiety
  • Anguish
  • Panic attacks
  • Compulsive Obsessive upheaval
  • Post-traumatic stress

they also are susceptible to be dealt with EMT

EMT Is an ambulatory treatment, noninvasive and effective for some Psychiatric Neuro Upheavals/.

The upheaval of attention with hyperactivity (TDAH) of life has a neurobiol³gico origin with home in the childhood and different degrees from intensity according to the stages


It is an ambulatory, noninvasive and effective treatment for some Psychiatric Neuro Upheavals/.


 The patient once receives treatment to the day during 15 to 20 days, for one hour, with previous evaluations and after the treatment. The change can be generated as fast as eight days, but it is moderate later from a home and to a year.

Candidates for treatment with EMT

  • Depression Greater severe and appellant
    • Control on the suicidal attempt
    • Dysthymia and depression posparto, puerperal psychosis.
  • Bipolar depression (in depressive phase).
  • Hallucination and depression in the schizophrenia.
  • Depression and comorbidity with systemic diseases
    • (Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiopathies, rheumatic pain) that cannot ingest antidepressing medication
  • Upheaval of chronic anxiety and panic attacks
  • Obsessive-compulsive upheaval.
  • Upheavals of the dream.
  • Intolerance to antidepressing medication, and side effects.
  • Upheaval of attention in pºber and adolescent.
  • Fibroialgia, crisis of microphone, tinnitus and neurop¡tico pain.
  • Patients with recent stroke (not more than 3 months).
  • Parkinson and Alzheimer (initial stages).

For greater information

about the Therapy of Magnetic Stimulation Transcraneal

Also you can consult our page Synapse Mental Health, in her you will find more specific information on the treatment for each one of the upheavals, as well as more common sections of questions and answers. It finds out if your case or the one of your well-known or relative is susceptible to receive this type of treatment.