Strategies for the depression

Within the strategies for the depression we have those of Behavior, Mental, Medecines, COMPLEXION and EMT being this last one of most effective when the previous ones do not manage to give the awaited result.

Previously we commented about how fighting with the depression and gave some tips to be able to bear it, although it is necessary to comment that it is important search of professional help, at any moment is due to go with a specialist in the subject.

In this occasion we are going to comment some strategies that podran to you to find out the different types from therapy and help that is required for the treatment of the depression.


Strategies of behavior:

A characteristic key of the depression is the inactivity. The people discover that they are doing less and soon they feel worse because they are doing less.

The behavioural strategies for the depression must as objective identify and change aspects of the behavior that can make worse the depression.

It is encouraged to the people to act against the depression being increased the activities, although this is the latest that have desire to do.

The excellent strategies of behavior include programming of activities, qualification in social abilities, structured resolution of problems and planning of objectives.

One of the advantages of this form of treatment for the depression that is once acquired, these new styles of behavior can be applied during all the life, diminishing the relapse or the recurrence of the depression.


Mental strategies:

The generally depressed people will show a thought style that focuses in negative points of view of the world.

Often they think about themselves as useless and the world as a bad or unjust place, and they do not hope that their lives improve in the future.

When something bad happens, they take the blame to themselves, but when good things happen, they say that only they have luck. In addition, the people with depression have less probabilities of recognizing and of appreciating the positive events when they happen; rather, they lie down to be been in tune more with the bad things of his lives and they worry about those events.

The objective of a mental approach is to help the people to identify and to correct its distorted and slanted thoughts negatively.

This approach identifies and defies the underlying assumptions and beliefs. When encouraging them to reframe the form in which they think about the life, the people can recover of the failures of more effective way and recognize and recognize the good things of their lives.

The people learn that they have certain control exceeds what happens to them.

As with the behavior strategies, to have these abilities reduces to the relapse and the recurrence of the depression.



For some people, the antidepressing medication will be forward edge of treatment for the elimination of the severely depressed mood.

He would be inadvisable to control a very serious depression without a test of medication. For the slight depression to moderate, antidepressant drugs often are not recommended as treatment of forward edge.

Different antidepressant drugs work of different ways.

It is possible that it must try more of a type to find the medicine that better works for you.

Make sure to stay in touch near with his recetante doctor during the first stages of the medecine taking, since the side effects often can be difficult to handle.

Some things to remember when taking antidepressant drugs are:

  • It takes the medication daily.
  • It does not suspend the medicine without contacting the professional of the health that prescribed it.
  • The side effects fall as its body adapts. If the side effects do not fall or they are not reasonable, communicate with his professional of the health.
  • It does not suspend the medicine when one feels better, or its depression can reappear.


Electroconvulsive therapy (COMPLEXION)

The COMPLEXION is an effective form of treatment for the depression, especially if:

  • Medical contraindications for the medication exist.
  • the necessity of a fast improvement due to the intention exists forces suicide on or the refusal to eat;
  • the person has undergone a failure of the treatment after the TCC, several medecines or combined tests of treatment with medecines and TCC;
  • the person has had previous a positive answer to the COMPLEXION;
  • the somatic symptoms are prominent;
  • the psic³ticos symptoms are present;

The COMPLEXION implies the application of a brief electrical current to carefully selected sites in the hairy leather.

These electrical currents, that are administered by a psychiatrist and anesthetist, produce a smaller convulsion in the brain.

Before the procedure, an anesthetic general of short and relaxing action administers itself to him to the person a muscular one to reduce the knowledge of the procedure and to prevent a physical convulsion.

Although many people fear to him to the COMPLEXION, this technique is possibly the medical treatment more insurance and cash for the severe depression, although she can have some side effects related to the memory.

The COMPLEXION is faster in its effect that the antidepressing drugs, and the TCC and the antidepressants continue being useful accessories for the treatment, since they can help to prevent the relapse after completing the COMPLEXION.



The education for the people with depression is extremely valuable.

The education provides a knowledge base that potentially gives to the person a greater control him on its upheaval.

A greater control can as well lead to a reduction of the feelings of impotence and a greater sensation of well-being.

To offer to education to the families or caretakers also is very important to help to increase to the support and the attendance that offer the person.

The most essential information for a person with a greater depressive episode is than the depression is a common upheaval and that strengths for duty exist treatments. It is important to remember:

  • The depression is a disease, not a sign of weakness or a defect of character.
  • The recovery is the rule, not it exception.
  • The treatment is effective and is many options of treatment available. A treatment adapted for the majority of the people exists.
  • The objective of the treatment is to recover completely and to stay well.
  • The rate of recurrence is quite high: half of the people who have had an episode of depression will have a recurrence, and the rate increases with the number of previous episodes.
  • It is possible to be taught to the person and to his family to recognize and to act before the first signs of warning of depression. When looking for early treatment, the gravity of the episode can be reduced considerably.

Magnetic stimulation Transcraneal

The transcraneal magnetic stimulation is a noninvasive method of stimulation of the brain that uses induced electrical currents. In this way, the activity in the parts of the brain is stimulated or inhibited which it has been affected, altering the operation of the neuronal circuits.

It is a method, without anesthesia, cash and insurance without side effects that the stimulation of deeper zones of the cerebral crust without producing pain allows.

The Integral Clinic of Mental Health is the only center in the region that counts on this equipment to give specialized attention that in coordination with its doctor causes that the treatment is more effective and in smaller time.

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