Tips to fight with the depression

Depression, how to fight with her

Nobody knows exactly what causes the depression. It is clear that the genetic factors are important in many cases of depression.

The depression seems to occur in families (like other upheavals of the mood), and approximately 30% of the predisposition to the depression are due to genetic influences.

The stressful events of life play a role in the home or the relapse of the depression. The continuous conflicts with other people can affect our well-being, like other social and environmental stressful factors, as the financial difficulties, the retirement, unemployment, the childbirth, the solitude or the loss of somebody or something important. In vulnerable people, these disagreeable events of life can be sufficient to cause or to make worse a depressive disease.

The characteristics of personality of a person are an important factor. When the people are depressed, they generally have a very negative vision of themselves and the world. They do not appreciate the good things, and the bad things seem overwhelming. Some people lie down to see the things this way, even when they are not gotten depressed. In other words, they can have a depressive style of personality.

Another possible cause of depression that does not have to be ignored is the physical disease or medecines. The glandular fever, the contraceptive influenza, hepatitis, thyroid hormones, anemia, diabetes, pills, the alcohol and other substances of abuse or other medecines, as which is used for arterial pressure or heart affections of, can cause depression symptoms.

How to fight with the depression

There is a variety of forms to fight with the depression and, often, they are used better altogether. The main medical options are the behavioural cognitive therapy (TCC), the antidepressing medication and, in some serious cases, the electroconvulsive therapy (COMPLEXION). The education and the strategies of facing are also important when learning to control their depression.

Behavioural mental therapy (TCC)
The TCC is an excellent treatment for the depression, only or along with medecines. The TCC implies to learn:

  • to control the negative thoughts that lead to the loss of interest and feelings of uselessness.
  • in order to fight the emotions of sadness and hopelessness.
  • Energy loss, even when he is not physically active.
  • in order to resist the behaviors related to the low concentration and the thoughts of death

Also techniques are taught to solve problems if the problem is a consequence or causes of the depression. The TCC is very effective and 80% of the people with slight, moderate or severe depression improve.

The TCC often will be recommended when:

  • The depression is slight, moderate or severe.
  • The person has had previous a positive answer to the TCC.
  • A competent and enabled doctor that has experience in TCC is available.
  • There is a medical contraindication to take medecines.

In Integral Clinic of Mental Health, we counted on several alternatives for the depression treatment, one of them and at the moment one of most effective is the Therapy of Magnetic Stimulation Transcraneal. 

The Therapy of Magnetic Stimulation Transcraneal or EMT, Is an ambulatory treatment, noninvasive and effective for some Psychiatric Neuro Upheavals/.

In spite of being a novel treatment, already it is recognized and recommended by FDA (2008) for patients with depression greater appellant, suicidal Attempt, chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Compulsive obsessive upheaval or TOC, upheaval of attention in adolescents, bipolar upheaval (depressive phase), hallucinations and depression in schizophrenia, cerebrovascular accident (to 1er quarterly), microphone, Parkinson, fibromyalgia, Tinnitus and other conditions.

Significant changes in 2 weeks

The patient once receives treatment to the day during 15 to 20 days, with previous evaluations and after the treatment. The change can be generated as fast as eight days, but it is moderate later from a home and to a year.

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