The 3 objectives of the psycotherapy

Answer. Remission. Recovery.

The psycotherapy, often well-known as conversation therapy, uses the vision, the resolution of problems, the reformulation of the cognitions and the changes in the behavior to obtain a greater mental well-being.

The successful psycotherapy also implies to reach three very important objectives:

  1. Answer
  2. Remission
  3. Recovery

The problem is that many children and adults do not reach the three, and this prepares the scene for the relapse of the symptoms.

To learn more on the answer, the remission and the recovery will help it to take advantage of the psycotherapy to the maximum.


Immediate goal of the psycotherapy is to obtain that it feels better.

This is called answer clinically, and it is defined as an improvement from the home of his disease after the psycotherapy begins.

The answer is reached when, as patient, it informs less depressive symptoms, improvement clinically and significantly in the daily operation, mood, physical pain and negative thought.

To arrive at an answer level will be easy for some. Generally, these adults and children inform that they feel better in a few sessions. For others, he can take weeks. And for that they undergo resistant depression to the treatment, the answer can not be obtained absolutely.

When one is to obtain an answer in psycotherapy, you do not compare yourself with the experience of another person. However, concentrate yourself in his unique experiences with the depression and establish realistic objectives with his therapist.


The second objective in the treatment of its depression is to take it to a complete state of remission.

The remission is clinically defined as the experience to be free of disease symptoms.

This differs from the answer in which not only it informs an improvement from the moment at which the treatment began, but also describes the presence of well-being, optimism, confidence in itself and a return to a healthful state of operation.

It is important to follow his plan of treatment so that it can obtain a complete state of remission. Not to do it can lead to a partial remission, where it is probable that it happens a relapse. A good conclusion is here that if still undergoes depressive symptoms, it has not reached the complete remission.

The partial remission indicates the necessity to continue with its treatment for the depression. Here it is where the majority of the children and adults with single-pole or bipolar upheavals loses the course. They stop taking its medecines or they interrupt the psycotherapy because €œthey feel better€€¦ but in fact, have not reached the complete remission.

The remission will be obtained at different moments for different people. Again, nonplant lice your trip towards the health with anybody more. It works in your plan of treatment and only feels to you proud of the profits that you obtain in the way.


The recovery is defined clinically as the absence of symptoms during at least 4 months after the home of the remission. The recovery appears with periods of improvement and growth, as well as with misfortunes and obstacles. Then, essentially, you will be good days and bad. It is important to control its depressive upheaval considering its physical and emotional experiences, along with many of the other tools and techniques that have learned in psycotherapy. In addition, he is vital to stay to the day with its medecines if that is part of its plan of treatment.

The investigation indicates that more of the 50 percent of the children and adults who have an upheaval of the mood they will not obtain the recovery because they are not consistent with his plan of treatment.


To live with a moderate mental disease or burdens requires a constant treatment and a coordinated attention. For that they undergo resistant depression to the treatment, alternative plans of treatment will be created to face these unique challenges. But for that they have treatable upheavals depressive, to strive to make of the psycotherapy a priority. It aims to reach all the levels of answer, remission and recovery.

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