Schedule of summer and depression

To practice the self medication helps to prevent the seasonal depression.

The summer schedule (DST), the practice to delay to the clock one hour the first weekend of November, practices in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The DST was proposed for the first time in 1895 by the entomologist of New Zealand George Hudson, based on its theory that doing the use of the light of the sun would maximize it. Canada was first in using the schedule of summer in 1908, followed of Germany and Austria in 1916 and soon in 1918 in the United States.

Investigation on the summer schedule

The summer schedule (DST) was used as a tool to conserve energy. Nevertheless, the investigation on the effects of the DST in the energy saving has not shown significant results. As so, some countries have continued with the standard schedule, resigning completely to the summer schedule. In fact, several states and territories of the EE. UU. They choose not to practice the summer schedule, and many more consider to stop the change of schedule.

It has been demonstrated that the summer schedule affects our health, mental as as much physical.

The studies inform that to back down to gain one hour of daylight in the months of autumn it causes reductions in the dream and it increases the rates of cardiac problems, cortisol strokes, production and accidents you will carry. The good news is that these problems are worse within the first three weeks of the summer schedule. As the circadian rythm of our body adjusts to the change of time, the risk of these adverse experiences is reduced enormously.

Nevertheless, one of the most outstanding findings with respect to the DST is the negative effect that it has on the mood, particularly in the northern Earth latitudes. For those of us who we lived with depression, this time of the year requires that we practice the personal care to compensate the lack of sunlight to feel well. Although many are successful, there are some people who cannot reduce their depressive symptoms successfully.

We try to make exercise, to look what we eat and to maintain a schedule of healthful dream, makes worse the depressed irritability, mood and difficulty to think and to concentrate to us. This it is a clinical upheaval, one that begins and finishes to the same hour approximately every year, when the summer schedule begins and finishes and the stations change. Affective seasonal upheaval is called (TAE).

Seasonal affective disorder

The seasonal affective disorder is a type of greater depressive upheaval (TDM). This especificador of the greater depressive upheaval happens seasonally. The TAE symptoms include many of the same symptoms of depression: sadness, anxiety, loss of interest in the habitual activities, abandonment of the social activities, incapacity to concentrate itself, hopelessness and desperation. Nevertheless, the difference is that these symptoms are solved every spring and lie down to happen again by the end of the autumn.

Advice of self medication for the summer schedule

  1. Assure to you to have good physical health. Many diseases can be looked like TAE (hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, etc.), reason why control to be healthy is a good way to prepare itself for the summer schedule.
  2. It learns on your circadian rythm. This it is the internal biochemical cycle that all we have regulates our body with respect to the dream, the feeding and the well-being. The circadian rythm are seen very affected by the sunlight.
  3. The people with TAE have a noticeably corporal clock that follows when it exposes itself to less sunlight. In order to help to restore her biological clock, she considers to use artificial sunlight. I have an alarm of dawning to dusk that wakes up every morning to me during the summer schedule.
  4. Speaking of her biological clock, she leaves the technology some hours before lying down. She has demonstrated herself that the syndrome of blue light interferes with the melatonin production, the hormone of the dream that produces a repairing dream.
  5. She considers to spend more time outdoors. I outdoors detach my tasks instead of doing them all simultaneously (to obtain the mail, to take hold the trash cans, to make errands, to park more far from the stores, etc.) This assures that it is outside several times during the day.
  6. The USA the sun to your favor. Inside feel you in a sunlight swimming pool if you cannot leave. It finds a window that throws the sun, takes a cup, it reads a book or simply feel and you rest for a spell.
  7. It considers to buy an artificial light for Bright Light Therapy if it cannot obtain natural sunlight. Only assure to you to use the light in the morning. To use it later will interfere with its biological clock.
  8. It maintains a schedule of established dream. Not to sleep or to lie down too much early. And it looks at those naps. Too many naps in a day or too long naps are impossible.
  9. The summer schedule removes to shine the carbohydrate ills, and can be difficult to resist during the season. It considers to eat low a thin protein diet and in carbohydrates. It maintains healthful sandwiches by hand.
  10. The USA the aromatherapy to raise the spirit. The essential oils as bergamot, mint, lemon, lavender and cedar are excellent for an instantaneous impulse.
  11. If it is not taking medecines at this moment, it considers to use antidepressants during the summer schedule. To do it can help it to surpass the seasonal depression with greater facility.
  12. If it finds that the change to the summer schedule makes worse its depression, communicate with a specialist in mental health to obtain more help.

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