Mind, Body and Jazz

Mind, Body and JAZZ: How the JAZZ can improve your health

To listen to jazz music has potential benefits for its health so varied as the sort in himself. Riffs innovating, the cold tones and the complex rates can offer to a natural lightening for the mind and the body.


To listen to Jazz can have an effect in the type of cerebral waves who produces, that can be stimulating or relaxing.

Approach and energy

To listen to glad music can:

  • Help to concentrate to you and to elevate your heart rate.
  • It provides motivation and it reduces the fatigue during a training.
  • The beats per minute (BPM) must agree with their cardiac frequency during the training:
    • Walking -115 to 118 BPM
    • Long walk of being able €“ 137 to 139 BPM
    • To run €“ 147 to 160 BPM
  • It increases its productivity at work
    • Cerebral waves THETA (4-8 Hertz): to listen to the distinguishing sincopaci³n of a little jazz can bring about cerebral waves theta, the more creative cerebral wave. New ideas and solutions to unresolved problems inspire.

The lightening of stress

To listen to relaxing music is so effective to reduce the anxiety as a massage.
Cerebral waves ALPHA (8 to 14 Hertz): listen to music around 60 BPM can make that the brain is synchronized with the rate, which produces cerebral waves alpha. They do to you relaxed but conscious.
Cerebral waves DELTA (less than 4 Hertz): to listen to relaxing music in a position relaxed during at least 45 minutes produces cerebral waves delta that can induce the dream€¦ a better dream.

Better dream: the studies show that only 45 minutes of smooth and slow music (60-80 BPM) as the jazz, before lying down, give as result a better and longer dream nocturne, as well as less dysfunction during the day:

  • After 1 week, 26% slept better.
  • After 3 weeks, 35% slept better.

Less depression: after every day listening to jazz music during one hour during one week:
The music listeners had a 25% less than depression than the nonlisteners.


Since stress is the root of many problems of health, the relaxing effect of the jazz music can have an incredible curative influence. It physically changes to his body when falling his heart rate and respiratory.

Recovery of the cerebrovascular accident
To listen to music (jazz including) directly after a stroke improves the verbal memory, the approach and the mood. In only 3 months after a stroke€¦

  • The verbal memory of the music listeners increased a 60% and the focused attention increased a 17%.
  • The verbal memory of the listeners did not increase a 29% and the focused attention increased a 0%.
  • The verbal memory of the listeners of audiolibros increased a 18% and the focused attention increased a 0%.

Lightening of the pain

One has demonstrated that to listen to jazz it reduces to the time and the intensity of the general headaches and microphone.
A study sample that to listen to music (including the jazz) can reduce the chronic pain. After every day listening to jazz music during one hour during one week€¦

  • The musical listeners had a diminution of the pain 21%.
  • The listeners did not have an increase of the pain 2%.

The music therapy is used more and more to alleviate the pain in the hospitals stops€¦

  • to reduce the medecine necessity during the childbirth
  • to diminish the post-operative pain
  • complementary anesthesia use during the surgery

Sanguineous pressure

The studies show that music (including the jazz) and the laughter can reduce the arterial pressure when causing that the blood vessels expand until in a 30%.
After 3 months of music study and laughter€¦

  • the musical group diminished the arterial pressure in 6 mmHg
  • the group of the laughter diminished the arterial pressure in 5 mmHg
  • the control group did not have changes

Immediately after each session also mmHg to 7 revealed a short term fall of 6 mmHg.
The diminution rank is comparable to somebody€¦

  • That it adopts a low salt diet
  • it loses 10 pounds
  • it takes medecines to lower the arterial pressure.

This change reduces to the risk of death by heart disease or cerebrovascular accident until in a 15%.


To listen to jazz during 30 minutes increases the levels of immunoglobuline A (IgA). The IgA resides in the mucous coatings of the body and acts as an antibody; prevention of virus, bacteria and infections. The effect on the levels of IgA continues during 30 minutes additional after music stops sounding.

Examples of music to help the concentration
  • €œCavatina€ €“ Eric Alexander (114 BPM)
  • €œSteppin €˜€ €“ McCoy Tyner (142 BPM)
  • €œAdoracao€ €“ Eric Reed (126 BPM)

We hope that these factors have been of interest. and you do not forget that to listen to a little Jazz he is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

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