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Summer + Drugs = Son in danger!

While you plan a summer of dream, to make of the beach or the pond your second home, to visit an aquatic park, to spend time in family, dinners in terrace, cinema, museums, theater, music, etc. You son can be planning your nightmare.

Without schellostic responsibilities and obligations at home, but with freedom to walk of celebration, friendly, meetings, etc. elements it nails where you son could experiment for the first time with drugs.

Signs to suspect that my son consumes drugs.

  1.  Increase of the necessity of money, translated in:
    • To request money to the smaller opportunity and to gather it in the smaller negligence.
    • To change to objects of value with its brothers and companions.
    • To spend the surpluses of the purchase.
    • To go to relatives, grandparents, uncles, etc. with urgent needs of money in exchange for doing something.
    • To invent urgent needs for its studies, as schellostic material.
  2. The incessant search of suppliers is pronounced in:
    • Sudden exits and at an inconvenient time.
    • The loss of the companions with those who it was used to leaving.
    • To be always pending of the telephone.
    • To arrive at house to high hours of the dawn.
    • To try to elude to companions and/or friendly that can notice the problem.
    • To hide objects and utensils in recondite places of the house.
  3. The young person will modify his behavior:
    • He will discuss with his relatives with respect to the established norms of coexistence in the family.
    • One will be more and more reserved with his own things.
    • Less will be related to the family, losing the communication channels.
    • It will have abrupt changes of humor: the same is likeable, nice and kind that is suspicious and aggressive.
    • It will not be able to conciliate the dream.
    • It will neglect his personal aspect.
    • One will form in a great manipulator of the family, having looked for all the situations that lead to him to the consumption.

That to do if the suspicions are correct?


  • It does not confront his son when angry or he is intoxicated. It waits for until all have calmed and it is sober.
  • He is better to formulate a plan before speaking with his son.
  • It chooses a little while in which they have privacy and is a minimum of interruptions.
  • It avoids direct accusations of implication in drugs. After all, it could be mistaken. Some behaviors that suggest abuse of substances, as being indifferent and distant, could also be depression symptoms. Or perhaps the adolescent is happening per difficult moments in the school, but there are counted no all the details to them.
  • It does not underestimate nor it makes it feel culprit, as a saying: €œIt follows with this, youngster, and you are going to kill your father€ Who abuse substances generally already well they are familiarized with the aversion to themselves and is possible that they feel with remorses by the anguish that they have caused. To accentuate its feelings of not being used for anything and shaming them probably will not motivate them to stop doing it and could take them to drug itself, to shut up its pain.
  • It tries to express his restlessness of this form: €œWe have noticed some changes in you lately€.


  • €œWe have noticed some changes recently €œ. Enumerate them. €œWe loved to you and we felt that something is tormenting to you. Some people act differently, because they undergo with the drink and other drugs, and soon realize of which the control was to them of the hands.
  • €œHe is this something reason why we have to be worried? If she is thus, we hoped that you are honest with us and you say it to us, so that we can help you to stop it, since the drugs are an extremely great problem so that a young person handles it by itself and without help€.

Some behaviors that suggest abuse of substances, as being indifferent and distant, could also be depression symptoms


Exist some does treatment?

The behavioural treatment, also known as €œpsycotherapy,€ help to the patients to commit themselves in the treatment process, to change to its attitudes and behaviors related to the abuse of drugs, and to extend the possibilities of taking a healthful life. These treatments can increase the effectiveness of medecines and also help the people to follow in treatment by more time.

The objective is that the person leaves the consumption.

By this, he is essential to find the treatment adapted for the specific needs of each person. There is no a single treatment for the drug abuse that is adapted for everybody. The results of the treatment depend on the reach and the nature of the problems of the person, of the type of treatment, the availability of additional services, and the quality of the interaction between the person and her suppliers of the treatment.


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