Cutting €“ Adolescent in danger

Everybody undergoes stress, anxiety and sometimes a low mood. But the emotional stress and changes can be pronounced different for each person, especially for the adolescents who sail by turbid waters of the adolescence. Whereas some adolescents can feel nervous or with fear when they are under stress, others can feel an elevated frustration and anger, overwhelming sadness or fear and anxiety. Some adolescents resort to the autolesi³n to do against these complicated emotions.


According to the Organization of the United Nations for the Education, Science and the Culture, in Mexico there are 20,9 million young people between 15 and 24 years of age, 11 million are adolescent (15 to 19 years) and 9,9 million are adult young people (20 to 24), of who, the 10 percent affirms to have autolesionado to relieve emotional or psychological problems, being cutting the main conduct to practice.

What is the autolesi³n or Cutting?

autolesi³n or Cutting means to hurt themselves on purpose. To cut in the skin are the most well-known form of autolesi³n, but to burn the skin, to prick the wounds to prevent the treatment, to prick the skin, to bite or to scratch the skin, to ingest poison or tablets without trying to die by suicide, and to take the hair they are all methods of autolesi³n.


The autolesi³n is a sign of emotional anguish.


The adolescents autolesionan themselves to alleviate the feelings of stress, anxiety or emotional pain. The autolesi³n can alleviate the tension momentarily, which gives to the adolescents the false belief them that this strategy of unadapted adaptation really works. The physical pain that they cause induces sleep the emotional pain that experiments, and feel that this potentially dangerous practice is useful. In fact, it is a temporary escape that can be in a life of unadapted facing if they do not learn to handle his emotional pain.

The adolescents who autolesionan themselves look for to release the tension or look for to feel something. Some can use it to relax, to avoid to process their emotions, to obtain attention of adults or companions, or to be punished to themselves. Although the adolescents who often become jumbled in this behavior describe a temporary feeling of lightening, can also be in an overwhelming feeling of shame.


Because the adolescents cut themselves?

The autolesi³n is not a mental disorder, but it is associated with depression, anxiety, upheavals of the feeding, personality disorder limit and upheaval of post-traumatic stress. Also he indicates a lack of ability to confront situations. Other factors of risk include a file of trauma, negligence or abuse.

The autolesi³n can begin with feelings of wrath, frustration or emotional pain.

In some cases, the autolesi³n stimulates analgesic hormones of the body and provides a temporary sensation of high spirit. In other cases, the adolescents can resort to the cut to feel pain in a effort to move away of a feeling of emotional sleepiness.

After cutting itself, the adolescents can undergo shame feelings and blames. Esto perpetua the cycle of overwhelming emotions followed by negative strategies of facing. It can become a dangerous cycle that is difficult to break.

The autolesi³n is not just like the suicidal behavior, but exists an elevated risk of suicidal behavior in the adolescents who autolesionan themselves.


How to help to an adolescent whom autolesiona?

The adolescents who autolesionan themselves are depressed or crushed by the anxiety, stress or the pressure. Also they lie down to being expert in hiding his parents, friendly pain, teacher and trainer. They can publish anonymously in line to find support and a community. If they find a recovery community, they can share his experiences through a blog, messages or even art. This can be useful for the adolescents. If, on the other hand, they run into with a community that supports the autolesi³n behavior, it can cause that the adolescents feel impotent and continue with the behavior.


The adolescents who autolesionan themselves need treatment.


The first step is search a especialzada medical reference, as a psychiatrist or psychotherapist who specializes in adolescents. In Clinic of Mental Health, we had doctor specialized in Adolescents and children, same what, following the factors the underlying triggering factors and emotions to the autolesi³n behaviors, can apply different types from therapeutic interventions that they exist as treatment, such as:

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps the people to explore past experiences and emotions
  • The behavioural cognitive therapy focuses in recognizing negative patrons of thought and learning positive alternatives
  • The dialectic behavioural therapy can help the adolescents to learn positive strategies of facing
  • In case underlying anxiety or a depressive upheaval exists, pharmacological treatment as well as very effective alternative therapies as the Therapy of Estimulaci³n Magn©tica Transcraneal can be complemented with (EMT).

The work in group can be beneficial to help the adolescents to connect themselves with other adolescents and to lean to each other through recovery process.

if you wish to know more on the Therapy of transcraneal magnetic stimulation, you do click here

We are the only center in the region that counts on this equipment to give specialized attention that in coordination with its doctor causes that the treatment is more effective and in smaller time.


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