Upheaval of personality limit

 Borderline personality disorder (TLP) or upheaval borderline it is a mental affection in which a person has prolonged landlords of turbulent or unstable emotions.

The people with Borderline personality disorder they undergo emotional bumps, constant doubts and attacks of wrathwhat makes difficult its relation with the others.

In almost all the occasions that suffer this upheaval they can be helped with medicinal therapy of psychiatric type, psycotherapy and treatments as the transcraneal magnetic stimulation with satisfactory results, nevertheless if results are not taken care of suitably of an integral way is generated little adhesion to the doctor with the poor consequences.

Its conduct is as the one of any person, only who taken to the end. That is to say, they can be irrationally loving or to hate too much to which he is disagreeable for its life. The previous thing corresponds to the turbulence of its emotions.

In the same way, their interpersonal relations are very complex reason why frequently episodes live on violence and by the intensity of these, in extreme cases they could represent a danger for themselves and the others.

 Upheaval Limit of Personality it can also have external and internal causes, that is to say, by the surroundings of the patient but by its history of life, relative and parental genetics. This means that one is a multi-factor disease.

In the patients who present this upheaval are feelings found to a large extent of its day to day and a great intensity as: Pain, wrath, confusion. It is common that they mention: €œto never know how I am going away to feel the following minute€, lack of understanding sensation€¦

This it is an upheaval that shows numerous psychological anomalies, and it is to them difficult to be related to others. They develop intense but simultaneously complicated and stormy attachments with the people.

However€¦ Perhaps to ask the following thing to you is to you of utility.

  • You try at all costs to avoid of a very intense and sometimes unwarranted way the being left by your pair and friendly?
  • You have the constant idea that they left to you?
  • It has loving interpersonal relations or of friendship that becomes very intense in just a short time, but which at the same time they are unstable being able to happen of the excessive love to the deep scorn?
  • You feel that sometimes you must threaten to the others so that they stay to your side?
  • You stay in a constant state of self-criticism and nonconformity with same you, even getting to you to hurt?
  • It intensely costs to You to contain your negative emotions as the wrath or to avoid the impulse to realise activities that are potentially dangerous as it is the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol?
  • You feel that it does not matter how much you do, whatever you are with anybody or that so kind they are of you, even conserves an emptiness sensation?

If conversations affirmatively 2 or more of the previous questions probably you need direction and help.

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