The not treated greater depression

The treated clinical depression is not a serious problem. The treated depression does not increase to the possibility of risky behaviors as the addiction to drugs or the alcohol. Also it can ruin the relations, cause problems at work and make difficult the overcoming of serious diseases.

The clinical depression, also well-known as greater depression, is a disease that affects the body, the mood and the thoughts. The clinical depression affects the form in which it eats and it sleeps. It affects the form in which you feel about same you and by those who surround to you. It even affects your thoughts.

The people who are depressed cannot simply €œrecompose€ and cure themselves.

Without the suitable treatment, including antidepressants and/or the psycotherapy, the treated clinical depression cannot last weeks, months or years. The appropriate treatment, nevertheless, can help to the majority of the people with depression

How it affects the not treated clinical depression to the physical health?

An increasing evidence exists of which the clinical depression affects the physical health seriously. The studies more recent than explore the health and the greater depression has analyzed to patients with cerebrovascular accident or disease of the coronary arteries. The results have demonstrated that the people with depression greater than are recovering of cerebrovascular accidents or cardiac attacks have more difficulties to make decisions from medical care. Also it is to them more difficult to follow the instructions of his doctor and to do against the challenges that its disease presents. Another study found that the patients with greater depression have a greater risk of death in the first months after an attack to the heart.

How interrupted is the dream by the depression nontreated?

One of the most revealing symptoms of the clinical depression is a change in the dream landlords. Although the most common problem is the insomnia (difficulty to sleep suitably), the people sometimes feel a greater necessity to sleep and experience an excessive loss of energy. The lack of dream can cause some of the same symptoms that the depression: extreme fatigue, energy loss and difficulty to concentrate themselves or to make decisions.

In addition, the treated depression cannot be in increase or loss of weight, feelings of hopelessness, impotence and irritability. The treatment of the depression helps the person to control all these symptoms of depression.

Which are the common signs of insomnia with the depression nontreated?

The common signs of insomnia include:

  • Diurnal fatigue
  • Irritability and difficulty to concentrate itself.
  • Dream that never feels as €œsufficient€.
  • Problems to conciliate the dream
  • Problems to return to sleep after rising during the night
  • To awake to all times of the night.
  • To awake before it sounds the alarm.

Which are the signs of abuse of drugs and alcohol with the depression nontreated?

The abuse of the alcohol and drugs is common between the people with clinical depression. They are especially common between the adolescents and the young and middle-aged men. It is very important to encourage to these people to obtain help, since it is more probable that they try to commit suicide.

The signs of abuse of drugs and alcohol include:
  • Incapacity to maintain personal relations
  • Alcohol consumption privily
  • Autocompasi³n
  • Tremors
  • Loss of inexplicable memory
  • Lack of will to speak of drugs or alcohol.
  • Who undergo depression and abuse drugs or the alcohol they can need a treatment very specialized.

How affect does the depression nontreated family?

To live with a depressed person is very difficult and stressful for the relatives and friendly. Often he is useful that a member of the family participates in the evaluation and the treatment of a depressed relative. Sometimes the conjugal or even familiar therapy is indicated.

The old ones undergo more depression than you think. The adults majors undergo with more frequency of depression due to the frequent loss of loved ones and friendly as they age.

Also they undergo more chronic diseases, more significant changes in the life as the retirement and the transition to the attended life or the attention of infirmary.

Who can be treated successfully for the clinical depression?

More 80% of the people with greater depression they can be dealed with successful with early recognition, intervention and support.

The depression affects to almost 19 million people every year, including a great part of the active populace. The people with generally treated depression cannot put themselves to work. But once there, they can be irritable, tired and to have difficulties to concentrate itself. The treated depression does not make difficult that the employees work well.

The majority of the people better does it with the treatment of the depression with psycotherapy, medecines or a combination of both.

For the resistant depression to the treatment, one that does not respond to the medication, exists alternative treatments. An example is the therapy by magnetic stimulation (EMT).

Here in the clinic of mental health we are the only integral center of the south-east that counts on this technology to give this type of treatment.

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