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Sexual desire, 5 Advice to recover it

The lack of sexual desire is a subject that can generate tension or distresses in a pair. And although this is something that happens to him as much to men as to women, sometimes the problem affects more to a sort than another one.

The main causes by which men and women lose the sexual appetite are the bad physical and mental health, the bad communication and the lack of emotional connection during sex.

It is possible to remember that these are not the only factors that affect desire, the biological ones and the psychological ones affect to a great extent.

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€œSex is something very personal and to speak to envelope it can give shame. But the dialogue is often the best thing than you can make to improve your sexual life€

For that reason we suggested to you.
Five advice to begin to recover sexual desire:
  • He begins to speak of the subject as soon as he arises instead of to leave to pass the time and one worsens. To ignore it could be in other problems and can generate resentment. If that does not work, it confronts the reason of why you do not want to speak it.
  • It explores other forms of privacy as to maintain the hand, to be spoken sweetly, to embrace and to caress themselves, instead of sex.
  • To feel that they are not listening to you is a barrier for sex so assure to you that your pair feels respected and important.
  • It looks for additional help consulting a sexual therapist, an advisor of pairs, a psychologist or to your doctor.
  • Relax to you: many pairs work very well without sex, if he is something in which is agreement.

The main symptom of the upheaval of hypoactive sexual desire is lacking of interest in sex. But since each woman is different, there is an official threshold or no diagnostic test that it says if a woman has upheaval of hypoactive sexual desire or no. The diagnosis depends how on estresada is about his under sexual desire and if it is causing problems her.

Nevertheless, if a woman expresses preoccupations about her low libido, the doctors usually will try to locate any underlying cause. Frequently they will begin looking for physical causes related and realising a complete medical evaluation.

It is possible that the doctors also refer to the woman a sexual therapist to determine if there are emotional problems or of relation that needs attention.


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