8 Ways to calm the anxiety

8 ways to calm the anxiety

The anxiety upheavals are between the more common affections of mental health. The people without an upheaval of diagnosable anxiety sometimes even feel anxious. Many advice and tricks can help, including the exercise, yoga and the music therapy.

The following advice and tricks can help the people to control the stress levels and to calm the anxiety.

1. To drink less caffein

To replace drinks with caffein with other liquids can help to calm the anxious thoughts.
The adrenalin is a hormone involved in the answer of fear of fight or flight of the body.

Caffein brings about an increase in the adrenalin levels, and this can cause that some people feel anxious or nervous.

The coffee is one of the most popular caffein sources. The coffee decaffeinated even contains around 2 to 12 milligrams of caffein.

Other popular caffein sources include:

  • chocolate, especially black chocolate
  • desserts with flavor to chocolate and cereals for breakfast
  • some analgesic ones of free sale

The people who notice a connection between their consumption of caffein and the anxiety would have to try to eliminate the caffein of their diet.

The people must make this slowly to avoid the abstinence from caffein.

Abstinence can cause physical symptoms similar to those of the anxiety.


2. Exercise

The exercise can calm the anxiety of two ways.

  • First of all, it diminishes the levels of hormones of stress within the body.
  • Secondly, it causes that the people concentrate themselves in the task of making exercise, and this can distract them of the reflective thoughts.

By itself, the exercise was less effective than the treatments standard for the anxiety, as medecines or the oral therapy. Nevertheless, the joint exercise with these treatments demonstrated to be more effective than the single treatments.

More studies are needed to establish the type, the duration and the frequency of the exercise that can lead to the majors improvements in the anxiety.


3. Yoga practices

Yoga can be a particularly beneficial form of exercise for the anxiety.

A revision of 2015 investigated the effects of yoga in the function and the mood of the nervous system.

In the 25 studies that the revision included, yoga diminished the cardiac frequency, the arterial pressure and the cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone involved in the answer of fear of fight or flight.

To have too much cortisol in the sanguineous torrent can exacerbate the anxiety.

Yoga also leads to a diminution of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Also it reduces to the called molecule levels cytokines in the blood. The immune system releases cytokines in response to stress.

The chronically high levels of cytokines can cause to long term inflammation and other negative effects for the health.


4. Listening music

To listen to music can reduce to stress and the anxiety.
Music can activate systems of reward in the brain that increase the feelings of pleasing and alleviate to stress and the anxiety.

A revision of 2013 investigated the effects of music in the health and the mental and physical well-being. A small number of studies suggested to listen to music can reduce stress and increase the function of the immune system.

A later study discovered that the musical preference was the factor most important to reduce the stress levels. This suggests to listen to a favorite song or a musical sort can be a short term effective remedy for stress.


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