Upheaval of Sexual Deseo Hipoactivo

Factors that they cause under sexual desire in women

The Upheaval of hypoactive sexual desire (TDSH) consists, basically, in the persistent lack of interest to realise no type of sexual activity.

A person affected by this upheaval does not have either €” or if she has, it happens with very little frequency sexual thoughts nor fantasies to him, and is worried for that reason.

The lack of desire is relatively common: esteem that one of each five people at some time loses the interest by the sex of its life and, in the women, the problem still more is pronounced (three of each ten), in the majority of these cases appear other conditions as diabetes, anxiety or depression,

This does not mean that the lack of desire constitutes in himself an upheaval, but depends and varies according to each person, and, to be able to make a diagnosis, this situation must extend by at least six months, and to be associate to sensations of anxiety, depression, distresses and difficulties in the interpersonal relations,

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Sexual desire is based on a complex interaction of many factors that can as much be physical as psychological.

The diseases as arthritis, the cancer, the diabetes, high the arterial pressure or the neurological upheavals, for example, can cause the diminution of sexual desire, these we will approach them more ahead.

The same happens with some medecines, mainly with antidepressants. Also they influence the drug consumption, the excessive alcohol consumption.

In the women, the hormonal changes can influence directly in sexual desire.

During the menopause (and also in perimenopausia and postmenopause) the estrogen levels are reduced. Consequently, sexual desire falls and also physical changes take place (as the dryness of the vaginal weave that can give rise to painful sexual relations).

Also who they have hypertension, multiple sclerosis and chronic tobacco addiction diminish the degree of genital lubrication due to the alteration of blood vessels, a symptom of the lack of desire.

Upheaval of Sexual Deseo Hipoactivo
Upheaval of Sexual Deseo Hipoactivo

The TDSH appears until in a 40% in women with diabetes or depression


The mood is a crucial factor in sexual desire.

The anxiety, the depression, stress, the low self-esteem, all of them is factors that reduce the libido.

Also desire you go away affected by sexual experiences previous refusals, as well as the antecedents of physical battering or sexual abuse.

The problems of pair (or an open conflict or the lack of communication) are also another important factor, mainly for many women, in whom the emotional proximity is vital to create a privacy situation.

The pair problems - the discussions, the lack of communication can affect sexual desire.
The pair problems - the discussions, the lack of communication can affect sexual desire.
Since the causes can be so diverse there is no a specific treatment to treat this condition.

If the reasons behind the loss of the libido are mainly psychological, therapy that can be individual or of pair is recommended.

to speak of sexuality causes that the patients improve until in a 80% their problems of sexuality.

Also the psychoeducation can help, when the woman says that she does not feel desire are possible to be recommended readings, sexual videos, toys or the self-exploration.

As far as medication, at the moment there is no a drug approved for his treatment, although tests with nonspecific medecines have become.


For all the cases, always the recomiendaci³n exists to consult with a doctor, to realise a diagnosis if preoccupation by the lack of sexual desire exists.

Integral clinic of Mental Health, we counted on an excellent team of specialistic doctors who will be able to support the people who are worried about this lack of sexual desire, by means of a diagnosis to determine the cause and to give the effective treatment you that you require.


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