As it happens the depression?

Why it happens the depression?

It is a disease characterized by a sad mood with loss of the interest or capacity to feel to please by situations that before generated it, loss of confidence in itself and a feeling of inutidad.

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Certain biological, psychological and social factors originate this suffering.

From the biological factor, the cause of the depression could be caused partly in a imbalance of the neurotransmitters. When we are gotten depressed we have that imbalance. When we took the suitable medication, the neurotransmitters balance and our mood changes. In addition, the depression could have genetic causes. Thus, the risk of suffering depression is greater when some next relative has undergone or undergoes depression. They exist square depressive that appears in the context of medical diseases that contribute evidences on the influence of the biological factors.

On the one hand, the behavioural theory explains the depression as a lack of reinforcement that causes that the person does not act and therefore the depression is perpetuated.

By another part, the mental theory says that a mental distortion exists. That is to say, the person who suffers depression distorts the reality. Thus she ends up seeing itself of negative form the same, the world and the future.

Finally, the theory of the learned helplessness finds the cause in the incapacity to be able to solve some problem.

The social factors refer to external circumstances that potentially they produce stress. That is to say, the vital events that precipitate the upheavals of the mood.

One thinks that the people who suffer depression in the home undergo more vital events in the previous months of the symptoms. Mainly those that are undesired, uncontrollable and that supposes a threat or important danger. Among them, the events that suppose a loss. As for example the death of somebody near one, a divorce, a separation, to even lose the work or the loss of the own health.

All the people can happen per moments at which dechelpas feel, or undergo pain after to have undergone some lost one.
But in the case of the people who suffer the medical condition called depression, the feeling very sad or not to have interest by no activity, she can be a lasting state. Sometimes, this happens to them without apparent reason to people whose life works well:

  • a consecrated player of tennis decides that she does not want to play more, and she feels anxious and incapable to concentrate itself most of the time.
  • A young and active man feels sad during weeks, cannot sleep and loses weight, even though he is not ill nor on a diet.

Sometimes an important event can bring with himself the Depression.

More people of the one than you create you undergo depression. The depression attacks people of all the ages, ethnic origins and group. Esteem that about 10 million people in Mexico undergo depression every year, and that 25% of all the women and 12% of the men in Mexico, will at some time undergo some episode of Depression of their life.

Near 1 of each 10 Mexican adults it suffers of Depression in his life.


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