6 effective strategies for depression €“ V


There is no doubt that the antidepressants help to many people with depression and have changed many lives. The rate of effectiveness is moderate, but it can be powerful.

Generally, one thinks that the medication and the therapy of conversation must be combined.

Nevertheless, when the people stop taking medecines, its depression can reappear. (Also there are possible side effects, that they can discard the medication for some).

When both methods are combined, they seem to be more effective; one thinks that this is due to that, as the exercise, the medication puts the brain in a more plastic state, so that the psycotherapy can provide effect, and has sense: if not is solving root causes of depression (supposing that they are than biochemical more), it is little probable that it changes much, and still can be present when the medicine no longer is.


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Following strategy: Magnetic stimulation Transcraneal


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